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Keeping your car cool in Wisborough Green

Trusted servicing for your air-con

At MOT & Service Centre Wisborough Green Limited, we are proud to be a local garage that can perform advanced car services such as air-conditioning checks and repairs. By doing this, your vehicle will stay cool in the summer. It’s important to get this service done as your air-con is not checked during a regular service. Our team of dedicated mechanics will be happy to perform this service for you annually and in a timely, professional manner.

Air conditioning with deep cleaning in Billingshurst

Aside from cooling your vehicle cabin in the summer - your air con also stops pollen, dust and other debris from entering your cabin through its filter system. This leads to a build up of dirt over time, so, during this service, we can carry out an antibacterial clean. Doing this will keep the cool air flowing into your vehicle when required.

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Warning signs that your air con needs to be tested

Over time, your air con may stop working properly and when the system is turned on it might only be releasing warm air. If you ignore this, it could cost you more money in the future. If it’s left for too long your vehicle’s system may get damaged as it will have to work harder to power the air con and subsequently your engine too. This can result in more fuel being used than necessary which means you’ll be spending more money than you need to.

Great facilities and prices in Wisborough

Our team work in a safe, spacious and accommodating garage with the latest technologies available in the motor industry. Because of this we offer great air-con services at affordable prices. Air-con servicing is available six days a week from Monday to Saturday. Be sure to book your air conditioning service today with the use of our quick and easy online booking tool!

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